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Stroke & Telerehabilitation

This study investigates how in-home therapy for the arm and hand can improve function after stroke. Some of the therapy days are monitored by a physical or occupational therapist using a webcam. This therapy is also combined with a dopamine drug that has been shown in some studies to improve the effects of rehabilitation. The goal of our study is to hopefully help improve arm and hand function in stroke patients and the find the best therapies for stroke survivors.

Resting-State Networks
In Motor Skill Acquisition

These studies are investigating markers brain state that predict response to training on a novel motor skill. We are interested in whether similar networks can predict response to training on different motor skills, or if modulation of task content will augment the network that predicts response to training.

Markers and Predictors of Motor Recovery After Stroke

Using structural and functional MRI, along with clinical variables and genetics, to identify predictors and biomarkers of treatment-induced motor recovery after stroke. The ultimate goal of this work to identify tools that will improve patient stratification to appropriate stroke therapies.