UC Irvine Neurorehabilitation Laboratory

The Neurorehabilitation Laboratory is focused on CNS repair in humans. This involves understanding pathology, innate repair processes, and issues related to therapeutic intervention. The main tools we use to approach these issues are detailed behavioral / neurological examination, anatomical brain imaging, functional MRI, perfusion MRI, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The principal populations in which we are focused are those with stroke or with spinal cord injury. Studies are focused on motor system function, where deficits lend themselves readily to measurement, and which are among the most important sources of disability in these populations.

Our Goals:

  • To identify biomarkers of brain plasticity for motor improvement
  • To develop rehabiliation tools for brain injury
  • To understand variability in motor function
  • To promote stroke education and awareness
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Community Outreach

Active community based involvment is a key component of our research plans. We strive for our translational studies to benefit the community and those most affected.

Current Projects

The Neurorehabilitation Laboratory has a number of ongoing research projects in a variety of areas.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The undergraduate program allows students to receive course credit for the time spent at the lab, conduct independent research, and present their findings through research symposia.

Learn about a few of our affiliates

Institute for Clinical & Translational Science

The ICTS at UCI is part of a national movement, one of only 60 university medical centers, to create a culture of collaboration for unlocking the best kept secrets for cures. The UC Irvine ICTS functions as a local centerpiece for the national program and is dedicated to accelerating scientific discovery and medical breakthroughs to the bedside. Each area of support/services is led by established investigators who are recognized authorities in their respective area of research/clinical practice. Collectively, the goal is simple: To accelerate discoveries from the lab and to translate them into life-altering medical care.

Orange County Stroke Rehabiliation Network

The OCSRN is an informal group by which all members of the stroke community can gather and communicate with one another about stroke related issues -- on a local level. This includes stroke patients and stroke survivors plus their caregivers, as well as those involved in stroke care, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physicians, nurses, stroke coordinators, educators, researchers, pharmacists, optometrists, rehabilitation counselors, neuropsychologists, social workers, case managers, discharge planners, vocational rehab, and rehab managers.

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